-Growing from seed-

As soon as I discovered the alchemy of growing beauty from seed, I was hooked. The process is so spectacularly rewarding, I find it hard to put in to words. It's not necessarilly the science (although I do find that facinating). Growing from seed is an experience. It is patience, it is calm, it is excitment and curiosity. It is often frustration. It is a feeling of very much being alive. It is movement. I am a person who needs to keep moving.


-Designing our


We are very fortunate to have a variety of growing spaces but the main space we use is actually our front and back gardens. I find that this allows us to keep a very close eye on the development of the plants and blooms. It also means we get to enjoy them before they reach their final destinations. It is very much a whole family affair. It is extremely important to us that our young children have a strong connection to their environment. First and foremost this is through some epic dens. Dens are a big deal here! However, they also help sow seeds, they grow fruit and vegetables and they are responsible for caring for their plants.


-Caring for our seedlings-

We grow many of our young seedlings in our polytunnel . However, this year we have the very welcome addition of our beautiful Rhino greenhouse. The children love having a Rhino in the garden! We welcome wildlife in to the growing spaces and are developing our understanding of organic and bee friendly processes daily.


We are growing..

cornflower,nigella and ammi...


sweet pea and...


Orlaya grandiflora.

Coming this summer...

4637816763 many beautiful dahlia...


...everlasting strawflowers...


...cosmos, scabiosa, salvia and much, much more.